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Adopt A Book @ Burbank Public Library

Brad Korb Adopts a Book at the Burbank Public Library
Burbank Bulletin: June 2011

Whether it is reading a biography, enjoying the latest novel, or teaching someone to read, Brad Korb is a firm believer that having a local library is such an important part of a community.

When he heard about the Burbank Public Library’s Adopt A Book Program, Brad wanted to learn more and see how he could help.

The Central Library suffered from an early morning burst water pipe in early April. The damages total includes $23,000 book damages, $40,000 carpet replace-ments, $30,000 plumbing, and more.

The damaged books mainly include non-fiction titles from the travel, biography, and history collections.


Brad contacted Burbank Library Board Trustee, Mike Chapman, and made a donation to the Adopt A Book program and you can do the same!


The gift is tax-deductible and nice bookplate inscription is put inside the book’s cover denoting you and your organization’s donation.

To participate, check out the Friends of the Burbank Library on the web or contact the Central Library at 818-238-5600. With the limited funds and cutbacks being faced by our library, your help would be very much appreciated by the library and the entire community! READ MORE !

Much of what was lost is now out of print.
Here are some of the titles up for Adoption:

Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life
1) by Jones, James H.
ISBN: 9780393040869 Edition/Vol: Pub. Date: 1997/11/01
Format: Hardcover
Supplier: W W Norton & Co Inc

Bearing Witness: How America and Its Jews Responded to the Holocaust
2) by Feingold, Henry L.
ISBN: 9780815626701 Edition/Vol: Pub. Date: 1995/12/01
Format: Paperback
Supplier: Syracuse Univ Pr

Benjamin Franklin
3) by Gaustad, Edwin S.
ISBN: 9780195305357 Edition/Vol: Pub. Date: 2006/02/06
Format: Hardcover
Oxford Univ Pr

The Best Short Stories of Fyodor Dostoevsky
4) by Dostoyevsky, Fyodor / Magarshack, David (TRN)
ISBN: 9780375756887 Edition/Vol: Pub. Date: 2001/02/01
Format: Paperback
Supplier: Modern Library

Between Hell and Reason: Essays from the Resistance Newspaper "Combat", 1944-1947
5) by Camus, Albert / De Gramont, Alexandre
ISBN: 9780819551894 Edition/Vol: Pub. Date: 1991/08/01
Format: Paperback
Supplier: Wesleyan Univ Pr

The Bible of Unspeakable Truths
6) by Gutfeld, Greg / Jillette, Penn (FRW)
ISBN: 9780446552301 Edition/Vol: Edit.1 Pub. Date: 2010/05/25
Format: Hardcover
Supplier: Grand Central Pub

Bill Gates: A Twentieth-century Life
7) by Aronson, Marc
ISBN: 9780670063482 Edition/Vol: Pub. Date: 2008/12/26
Format: Hardcover
Supplier: Viking Childrens Books

Cherry Orchard: A Comedy in Four Acts
10) by Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich / Frayn, Michael
ISBN: 9780413393401 Edition/Vol: Pub. Date: 1980/06/01
Format: Paperback
Supplier: Methuen Drama

Galileo: Decisive Innovator
12) by Sharratt, Michael
ISBN: 9780521566711 Edition/Vol: Pub. Date: 1996/04/26
Format: Paperback
Supplier: Cambridge Univ Pr

Giovanni Boccaccio: Famous Women
13) by Brown, Virginia (EDT) BTK: BK0003637039
ISBN: 9780674003477 Edition/Vol: Pub. Date: 2001/04/26
Format: Hardcover
Supplier: Harvard Univ Pr

How to Trace Your Family Tree: A Complete and Easy to Understand Guide for the Beginner.
16) by American Genealogical Research Institute.
ISBN: 9780385098854 Edition/Vol: Pub. Date: 1975/02/01
Format: Paperback
Supplier: Broadway Books

I Am Hutterite: The Fascinating True Story of a Young Woman's Journey to Reclaim Her Heritage
17) by Kirkby, Mary-ann
ISBN: 9780849948107 Edition/Vol: Pub. Date: 2010/05/04
Format: Hardcover
Supplier: Thomas Nelson Inc

Jacqueline Bouvier: An Intimate Memoir
21) by Davis, John H.
ISBN: 9780471129455 Edition/Vol: Pub. Date: 1996/09/01
Format: Hardcover
Supplier: John Wiley & Sons Inc

Johannes Kepler: Discovering the Laws of Celestial Motion
22) by Boerst, William J.
ISBN: 9781883846985 Edition/Vol: Edit.1 Pub. Date: 2003/04/01
Format: Library
Supplier: Morgan Reynolds Pub

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