Thursday, June 16, 2011

G.I. Joe - Voice of the Baroness

Baroness Display at the Burbank Public Library !
Derrick J Wyatt:
21 hours ago

G.I. Joe – Baroness
Behind The Voice Actors: 6.28.10 by OptimusSolo

Comparison of the voiceover actors who have been the voice of Baroness with sound clips and images.

The Baroness is Cobra's number one female agent and an intelligence specialist. Wearing all black, she is a dark and sensual 'femme fatale' character. She is usually romantically linked to Destro, and also comes from a Slavic background, hence her accent. She is many times also portrayed as a master of disguise.

I must say that all of these ladies do a pretty good job with the accent. I am amazed at how much the two Sigma Six actors sound alike. Whoever cast that replacement should be commended. For me it comes down to the original, Morgan Lofting (Burbank Library Staff Member) and Grey DeLisle but I will give the edge to Lofting because to me out of all of them she sounds the most natural and effortless doing the role.

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