Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What We're Reading: After The Golden Age

What if your parents were two of the wealthiest, most famous people in your city? What if, in addition to being rich and famous, they were both also superheroes, two of the most powerful beings who ever lived? And what if you, their only child, had no super-human powers of your own? These are the questions posed--and to some degree answered--in Carrie Vaughn’s new novel, After The Golden Age.

Celia West is the only daughter of Warren and Suzanne West, wealthy socialites and owners of West Corporation, who are also known as Captain Olympus and Spark (think a human Superman and a female version of the Human Torch). Eight years ago, in a fit of teenage rebellion, Celia teamed up with The Destructor, her parents’ arch-nemesis. Ever since then, Celia has been working hard to create a new life and put those choices behind her. She has a career she loves, working as a forensic accountant, and, to all appearances, is living the normal life she has longed for since leaving her parents. But the repercussions of the choices she made as a teenager keep manifesting themselves in spite of her efforts. Will she ever be able to outrun a past that keeps overtaking her?

Carrie Vaughn’s After The Golden Age is an exciting and often thoughtful book that will resonate with anyone who feels they’ve disappointed their parents (even those of us whose parents are neither superhuman nor famous!). Vaughn creates a world in which people with superhuman powers are still believable characters with family dynamics and character flaws. After The Golden Age is a vastly enjoyable and satisfying read.

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