Friday, July 22, 2011

Life After Harry

After ten years, the anticipation for the next Harry Potter book or movie is finally over. Sigh! What will be next?

Well, considering the final Harry Potter movie's amazing succe$$, studios are scrambling to find the next young adult franchise and tap the fantasy vein. According to, Warner Bros. Studios has acquired the rights to Deborah Harkness' bestselling novel, A Discovery of Witches.

In the debut novel, Yale historian (and reluctant witch) Dr. Diana Bishop discovers an enchanted manuscript at Oxford's Bodleian Library that attracts the interest of a 1,500-year-old vampire, Matthew Clairmont. The manuscript is purported to hold the secret of immortality and the story of all origins. Soon all manner of supernatural creatures are harassing Diana, and she finds herself in a race to prevent an interspecies war. The book is a mix of history and magic, mythology and romance.

Harkness plans this as a trilogy and her next installment, Shadow of Night, will be published next summer.

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