Thursday, July 28, 2011

What We're Listening To -- Paul Simon

I love to sing along with Paul Simon (make no mistake, I am no Art Garfunkel), and his new release, SO BEAUTIFUL OR SO WHAT, has given me new material! I use GRACELAND as a benchmark album, and this new one is pretty good. It has those great South African and Cajun sounds. He’s got some good lyrics going on, too. He sings about the afterlife, putting his tongue in his cheek in more than one song. He also sings about love, and these songs are straight from his heart. My favorite is REWRITE, because it’s got it all--catchy lyrics, great music, and it rings true for me. Give it a listen--we mustn’t forget old friends.

Thanks to Elizabeth for the review [the blog post editor agrees, this is a terrific CD]

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Anonymous said...

He looks so old now.