Tuesday, July 05, 2011

What We're Reading - Graveminder

I just finished GRAVEMINDER, Young Adult author Melissa Marr’s first adult novel. I hope it’s not her last. Claysville is a small town with a few secrets,one of which is there is a town of the dead below them. Since the 1700s there has been a Graveminder and an Undertaker who deal with the dead. The Graveminder makes sure the dead are properly buried, which may include whiskey, holy water and certain words spoken to them. She also takes care of the graves. This is the Graveminder's duty, one that has been in the same family for years. The Undertaker is her helper in this, they are drawn to each other. If this is not done correctly, the dead will walk and "feed." They are not zombies, but you will have to read this book to find out what they are. The townspeople do have perks from all of this. This is a book I couldn’t stop reading.

Thanks to Tina L. for the review!

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