Monday, July 11, 2011

What's the Story about a Giant Pumpkin in Burbank??

People just couldn't get enough of Burbank this weekend! Friday night's "Party of the Century" attracted thousands of folks to Burbank's Centennial Celebration, culminating with a fantastic fireworks show.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, the Library hosted a talk and slide show, "History, Lore and Fun Facts About Burbank," with Wes Clark and Mike McDaniel the following afternoon --and it packed the Buena Vista Branch's meeting room with 148 curious Burbankers.

Burbank High School grads, Wes and Mike are co-creators of Burbankia, a treasure trove of photos, history, trivia, and all things Burbank. Their presentation was a fascinating event that enthralled the audience! In addition to the slide show, walls were lined with hundreds of photos and a display of Burbank historical memorabilia was available for browsers after the talk.

If you missed this great community event, part 2 is coming up on Saturday, August 6, at the Central Library. Mike McDaniel will offer more fun facts about Burbank, so mark your calendars!

So what is the story about Burbank's giant pumpkin? Check out the pumpkin on Burbankia and find out.

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