Monday, August 22, 2011

An amoosing book to share.

Hello again! It is I, the Library Moose, back with some moosings on a new picture book.

Recently, Chocolate Moose by Maggie Kneen came my way for reading and review.
After misreading a help-wanted sign, a moose who loves chocolate begins working in Mrs. Mouse's small bakery. Despite his earnest efforts, he eats, breaks, or spills more in the tiny kitchen than he bakes. However, because he entertains and calms Mrs. Mouse's many babies, this "Chocolate Moose" finds a new job as bakery babysitter and still receives chocolatey treats.
Altogether a charming and amoosing book for you and your little ones to snuggle up together to read at storytime. I would suggest a pairing with something chocolatey to drink!

Until another book worthy of my moosings comes my way, I remain,

amoosingly yours,

The Library Moose

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