Thursday, August 18, 2011

Civil War - marking 150 Years.

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the beginning of our Civil War. To no one's surprise, many new books on the subject are and will continue to be plentiful to the reader. I will spotlight two new titles that can be found at your library. Both are photographic in nature and are terrific both for someone who just wants to skim the photographs and for those who wish to thoroughly immerse themselves in the accompanying text.

First up is The Civil War : An Illustrated History, published by Time Home Entertainment. Arranged chronologically, "The Civil War" is good place to start for those readers looking for a solid overview of the entire conflict. Each section has a summary of major events, battles and issues, and provides concise information generously illustrated with useful charts, maps and photographs. A really great book...what else would Time provide?

Second up is Brady's Civil War : A Collection of Memorable Civil War Images photographed by Matthew Brady and his Assistants, by Webb B. Garrison, which presents a pictorial history of the Civil War using photographs taken by Mathew Brady and colleagues. The photographs are arranged by theme, such as "Civilian and Military Leaders," "The Weapons," "A Land Laid Waste," and "The Battlefields." The power of Brady's work graphically illustrates the horror and devastation that the Civil War caused throughout the land.

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