Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Need help with your homework? Keep reading.

With school starting, we at Burbank Public Library want to remind you (or inform you) about some valuable tools for students from kindergarten through high school, and also for adult learners. These tools are all available through our website, www.BurbankLibrary.com, and are free with your library card. You can access them from home, school, work, or at the library--anywhere you have access to a computer.

First, there's HelpNow!, which offers FREE, live online homework help from certified, expert tutors. Log on with your library card, enter your grade and subject, and a tutor initiates a chat session to help you with your algebra problem! All core subjects are offered for grades K-12: Math, science, social studies, and English/language arts. Also available are skills-building sessions to improve your knowledge and abilities in specific areas; a writing lab to which you can submit a paper and get constructive feedback within 24 hours; and a Test Center with practice tests for SAT, GED, and U.S. Citizenship. This is all available from 1:00 to 10:00 p.m., seven days a week, in English and Spanish.

For those who are doing research and/or writing papers, your best resource is the library's Databases. For 5th grade and under, we have the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Social Studies Fact Cards (California Indians and Missions, States, Countries, Early Civilizations), and more. For Middle and High School students, we have databases that focus on Biographies, Literature, and Opposing Viewpoints, as well as general databases and newspaper archives.

Most material on a database began as print material (magazines, newspapers, journals, academic journals and papers) and was scanned or duplicated to make it available to you digitally (on your computer), so these can count as print sources. They are a great resource, particularly if you waited until the last minute, all books about your topic are checked out of the library, it's 10:00 at night, and your paper is due tomorrow morning!

And don't forget ASK WIKI--ready reference, fast facts, homework resources, and community events and services, specifically compiled for the Burbank community by librarians of the Burbank Public Library.

All of these are available with your library card at www.BurbankLibrary.com.

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