Friday, September 09, 2011

What We're Reading - Sex on the Moon by Ben Mezrich.

True crime books are rarely about whether the "bad guy" will get caught. Usually they are about the who, the how and the why of the events involving the criminal acts. In Ben Mezrich's new book, Sex on the Moon, certainly the who and the why play colorful parts in Mezrich's breezy writing as we follow Thad Roberts through his troubled childhood, early marriage and almost accidental discovery that he wants to be an astronaut. A brillant student, Thad applies and is accepted for a NASA co-op internship, where he decides to reinvent himself as the social center of the interns. Always a big thinker, Thad comes up with more and more audacious and daring schemes for the interns; when Thad meets Rebecca, another intern, the hot sparks of romance spur Thad into the ultimate in romantic gestures: to literally give his lady love the moon.

Mezrich has written a breezy, fun book that--given his past success with Hollywood [the films "21" and "The Social Network" are based on his books]--seems to be destined for the big screen.

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