Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What We're Reading - Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter.

I've long felt that, no matter the intended audience, a story well told is a story worth reading. With Uncommon Criminals, by Ally Carter, I am definitely not the female teen audience for whom Ms. Carter writes, but given my previous experience with her work, I decided to go there.

I listened to the first story, Heist Society, on audio, and based on that, I thought that daring to read its follow-up was a safer bet than Kat Bishop and her teenage crew of master thieves find themselves facing when they try to outwit a master con woman and steal the famed Cleopatra emerald.

Any reader with a weakness for a good caper/con story, fans of the TV series Leverage or the Clooney/Pitt Oceans movies will enjoy Uncommon Criminals. Twists, cons within cons, impossible odds, time spent in lovely Monaco and yes, a touch of teen romance leave me eagerly awaiting Carter's next fast-paced adventure starring Kat Bishop and her band of teen thieves.

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