Thursday, May 24, 2012

Learn About History...By Living It!

Do you have confederates in your attic or a blunderbuss in the basement? Some people enjoy immersing themselves in different eras to experience firsthand their ancestral trials and tribulations.

Local author Charlie Schroeder embarked on an amazing adventure three years relearn history by experiencing it. The result of his quest is the book Man of War, which was released today. This charming and hilarious memoir takes the reader on a 2,000-year trek through the world of historical reenactment.

From a full-scale Roman fort in Arkansas to a staging of the battle of Stalingrad in Colorado, to a 26-mile walk through Los Angeles dressed as a 17th-century friar, Charlie Schroeder spent 15 months embedded in United States-based reenactment groups. It was an experience--often a filthy one!--that he'll always remember.

Charlie will be visiting the Buena Vista Branch of the Burbank Public Library for a reading and book signing.  Join us on Wednesday, May 30, at 7 PM for what promises to be a great adventure! When Charlie takes Man of War on the road in June, he'll be speaking at the Barnes and Noble in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The bookstore encourages "fans and history enthusiasts to attend in uniform (muskets optional)." We in Burbank suggest you leave the muskets at home.

Visit Charlie Schroeder at his website. Here is the book trailer for Man of War:

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