Friday, February 08, 2013

Are you a reader of mysteries?

If so, do you know about the library's mystery blog? It's called DEATH IN THE STACKS, and included on it are "Aunt Agatha's poisoned picks and mysterious musings, book clues for the clueless, and all things mystery for readers of crime fiction!"

Aunt Agatha shares book reviews of new releases, and offers book lists to help you choose the perfect mystery for you. She tells you "what's new" every month, and discusses different sub-categories of mysteries, like whodunnits, thrillers, cozies, and more. She ties in books with movies and television series, and provides you with the latest Edgar Allan Poe Award nominees and winners. And she features new mystery and thriller writers.

She also welcomes feedback--so if you are a mystery reader who wants to share a comment or even contribute a book review about a good mystery or thriller, jump right in!

Just one of the 100 reasons to visit your library! (online)

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