Friday, February 22, 2013

The fourth library branch...

No, we're not opening a new building--this branch has been open for quite some time now. But it gets less attention than it deserves from library users, so we thought we'd highlight it as part of our Century of Library Service. It's our website.

You have probably been to our website for some specific purpose in the past--maybe you go there as an entryway to our catalog, so you can renew your books, find a DVD, or put something on hold. But not many people have the need or the motivation to explore the website thoroughly, so just like a physical branch, it helps to have someone point out the obscure corners that may contain information of interest to you!

When you go to our website, there are clickable divisions across the top. If you click on "About Us," you will find a welcome from our director, Sharon Cohen, as well as a little history about Burbank Public Library.

Moving to the next category, click on "Children's." This is everything you need to know about the Children's sections at our three branches, and more. Let's explore...

First is a clickable list of "upcoming events for kids." This highlights items on the library calendar of interest to children (and their parents). The four most imminent dates will appear as clickable links, but you can also click on "kids' calendar" at the lower right to get a complete calendar listing.
Now look to your right, under "I want to," at the various urls available to you:
  • Programs for Kids
  • Websites and Research
  • For Teachers
  • Computers in the Library
  • Reading Lists
  • Policies
  • Elementary Book Club Selections

Under "Programs for Kids," you can find: Preschool Storytime, Toddler Time (both including times and branches), and Pajama Time; Family Films, Lego Club, Puppy Tales, Monday Morning Movies, and Family Night!

Under "Websites and Research," you will find the library's databases (compilations of magazine, newspaper and journal articles made digitally available to your small students), our "HelpNow" online tutoring program, and Tumblebooks and Bookflix for young readers.

Click "For Teachers" to read about our outreach to local teachers to collaborate with us on school assignments so we can provide the most/best materials for your children's homework. (Please encourage your children's teachers to do so!)

"Computers in the Library" explains our children's computers and lists what's available to computer users, as well as reminding you that your children must have an "internet use policy" on file, signed by you, in order to use them.

Under "Reading Lists," you can find the Caldecott and Newbery winners, plus links to the essential book lists for California schools and Accelerated Readers.

"Policies" spells out the guidelines for Toddler Time and Preschool Storytime, as well as the library's rules about children left alone in the library.

"Elementary Book Club Selections" has the list of books, past, and present, that the 4th and 5th grade book club is reading.

Another place of interest for children (and their parents) is accessed through our catalog. When you arrive at the main page to our catalog, there is a box to your right entitled "Library Info." If you click on "Have you read?" and then on "Children's book lists," you will find more than 36 separate book lists compiled by Burbank Public Library children's librarians to give you great ideas about what your children could be reading!

Back under Library Info, click on "New Library Items" to discover brand-new children's fiction and nonfiction titles--the most recent arrivals to our library.

Back to Library Info again to find "Blogs, Facebook, a Wiki, and Photos." This is a treasure trove! Here we have a Facebook page for the Children's Library (Burbank Public Library Children's Page, with suggestions for free family fun, events at the library, publishing updates and more), and through our Facebook page you can also reach the Children's Pinterest page! (If you're not familiar with Pinterest, take a look--you will be amazed.) You can also find Library Photos @ Flickr, and AskWiki. We did a previous post on this blog about our Wiki, so be sure to check that out--lots of resources for all, compiled by Burbank librarians!

Now you have explored one small part of Burbank Public Library's fourth branch.

Many of the 100 reasons to visit your (online) library!

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