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The fourth library branch, part two

Continuing with an exploration of our fourth branch...OUR WEBSITE.

Click on "TEENS" to discover the next "room" in our library. This is the go-to page for teens who are interested in help with their homework, the college application process, joining a book club, and so much more. Let's explore...

First up is a clickable list of "upcoming YA events" (YA stands for "young adult"). This highlights items on the library calendar of interest to teens. Four dates will appear as clickable links, but you can also click on "young adults' calendar" at the lower right to get a complete calendar listing.

Now scroll down below the heading, "Did you know?" Here is a list of all the resources available to teens at Burbank Public Library. These include items in our collection: There are comprehensive, up-to-date teen fiction collections at all three Burbank Library branches, as well as teen nonfiction (interfiled with adult nonfiction, located by the yellow & pink "YA" stickers on their spines); manga and graphic novels; and what we call Young Adult Paperback Classics, which is the most frequently read classics of literature, in paperback, for school assignments. These can all be accessed either in person or through our catalog.

Below that are clickable links to our electronic resources:

Databases: No one library can afford to buy or find the room to store all the many periodicals (newspapers, magazines, and academic journals) in the world, but with the help of databases, these valuable resources have been digitized and made available online. Because these materials started out in print, they count as print resources for teens' school assignments. BPL has databases that are specific to Biography, Literature and Opposing Viewpoints, as well as general information. You must have a library card to access these, but if you do, they are available to you 24/7, which is helpful if you are a procrastinator and are writing a paper at 3 a.m. when the actual library branches are closed!

HelpNow: Need help with homework? With your library card, HelpNow gives access to online tutors, who are vetted, tested, and qualified to help with homework for grades K-12 and beyond. You can access this service from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily. There are also other great features, such as the Writing Lab: If you have written a paper (or a college or scholarship essay), you can upload your document and get back a critique of it 24 hours later! There are also skills-building activities, practice tests, and flashcards.

Catalog: As mentioned before, you have 24-hour access to the library's catalog, enabling you to find out what books our collection contains--for pleasure reading, or for school! If you are writing a paper on a particular subject, the catalog will tell you what books we have on that subject, how many copies, at which branch they are located, and whether they are available or checked out. You can also, in most cases, read a synopsis of the book to see if it's something you can use, and there are other clickable subject headings that can lead you to related topics that might help further.

YA Think? is our teen blog, and it's your go-to place for book reviews. Looking for something good to read? This is one place to find it--and you can read reviews by the teen librarians and by other teens like you.

We have a lot of programs just for teens at BPL. There are three book clubs,events such as Teen Read Week and Teen Tech Week, programs connected to national holidays like Valentine's Day or Black History Month, and other events like author visits, readers' theater, writing workshops, art contests, or crafts. And every summer we welcome teens to our six-week Teen Summer Reading Program.

Through our catalog, teens have access to many ideas about what to read. We supply a lot of reading lists in the library, from "Edgy Titles for Mature Teens" to "Fairy Tales Retold," but you can also access those lists online, here. You can see the newest books available for teens, by going here and clicking on "New Young Adult Books." The way to get to these lists directly from the catalog: When you arrive at the main page to our catalog, there is a box to your right entitled "Library Info." If you click on "Have you read?" and then on "Teen book lists" or on "New Young Adult Books," you will find many suggestions for teen reading.
Now go back to the main teen page and look to your right, under "More for Teens," at the various urls available to you:
  • Teen Programs
  • Homework Help
  • Service hours at the library
  • Health and personal issues
  • Entertainment links
  • Colleges and financial aid
  • Teacher alert
We already covered Teen Programs, but be sure to explore the specifics!

Under "Homework Help," you will find the link to the previously mentioned HelpNow, but also discover a lot of other links to valuable study resources.

"Service hours at the library" tells what you have to do to fulfill your school requirements for volunteer work. Burbank Public Libraries do accept some teen volunteers at each branch (the rules are here, so read them carefully to see if you qualify); but if we don't have room for you, you can download the Service Learning Sites pdf at the bottom of this page to find other options. Also, if you are a teenager who likes to read and write, you can get one hour of service learning for each book review you write for our blog; the requirements are also downloadable here.

Health and personal issues supplies links to websites that discuss such aspects as substance abuse and treatment, mental health, and bullying.

Entertainment Links connects you with information about music, movies, TV, and sports.

Colleges and financial aid guides you to school directories and rankings, financial aid and testing information, and career planning.

Click "Teacher Alert" to read about our outreach to local teachers to collaborate with us on school assignments so we can provide the most/best materials for middle and high school homework. (Please encourage your teens' teachers to do so!)

Don't forget about "Blogs, Facebook, a Wiki, and Photos." Here we have a Facebook page for teens (with events at the library, publishing updates, outside activities, and more). You can also find AskWiki--lots of resources for all, compiled by Burbank librarians!

Now you have explored another "room" in Burbank Public Library's fourth branch.

Many of the 100 reasons to visit your (online) library!

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