Saturday, April 06, 2013

The fourth library branch, part four

We continue our trek across the top of our library website: Click on Resources to discover the epicenter of our online and physical library system.

Here is the page that lists for you all the many things you can find at our branches: For instance, did you know that we have a Braille Talking Books collection for the blind? Did you know that the Central library still has typewriters you can use, located in their own little soundproof rooms? that we have books and other materials in more than 20 languages, including Armenian, Russian, Korean, and Chinese? Now you do!

This page also leads you to details about services we provide. Did you know that we offer exam proctoring? that our Home Borrowers program will send a volunteer to your door with a pre-selected bag of books if you are homebound and can't get to the library? that you can rent our meeting rooms for your events? that our Reference services include inter-library loan? (That means requesting books from other library systems all over the United States, if necessary, to get you the book you need.)

"Resources" also means those of the electronic kind, and those include:

DATABASES, such as:
  • America's News
  • Biography Resource Center
  • Gale Directory Library
  • General Reference Center Gold
  • Grolier Online
  • Literature Resource Center
  • Los Angeles Times/Proquest
  • Medical Reference Library
  • Opposing Viewpoints
All these databases are valuable sources of information, in the form of magazine, newspaper, and academic journal articles (as well as audio and website recommendations) helpful for both personal research and scholastic source material. Since you have access to all these databases online (with a Burbank Library card), you can use them 24/7--even when the (actual) library is closed! So, for instance, if your teenager has a paper due TOMORROW, there is a wealth of information available to him/her via the library website, even though it's after hours.

Other electronic resources:

  • HelpNow by Brainfuse--an online tutoring system for K-12 and adults.
  • JobNow and Job Scout for help with employment.
  • Ask Wiki--our own collection of resources specifically created for the Burbank community.
  • BookFlix, Library Elf, Social Studies Fact Cards, and Tumblebooks!

As you can see, Burbank Public Library has your needs covered.

Another of the 100 reasons to visit your (online) library!

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