Thursday, July 25, 2013

What we're reading: The new Lescroart

John Lescroart is back! and so is Dismas. I'm so glad it's one with Dismas Hardy as THE protagonist--I like the other guys, but he's my favorite, and four years was too long to wait!

In The Ophelia Cut, things get up close and personal. Back in the days when he was being neither a policeman nor a lawyer, Hardy bartended at The Little Shamrock, and eventually ended up as part-owner of the bar, with his friend Moses McGuire. Hardy is married to McGuire's sister, and uncle to his daughter Brittany, who is 23 and something of a butterfly when it comes to men--flitting from one to the next, never staying long enough for a relationship to develop.

Things go wrong for Brittany when a guy she has dated a few times becomes possessive, insistent, and then violent with her. When Rick Jessup's dead and battered body is discovered, Brittany's father, Moses McGuire, is the prime suspect in his murder, and Hardy has to defend him.

Things get more complicated because of a secret in their past, shared by McGuire, Hardy, and police lieutenant Abe Glitsky, as well as by Hardy's law firm partner, Gina Roake. (These events took place in Book #9, The First Law, and this is Book #14.) McGuire is a former alcoholic who is fine when sober, but his friends fear that if he falls off the wagon due to the stress of this case, their secrets will be spilled to all and sundry, destroying careers right and left.

This one was great--lots of twists and turns, and an interesting resolution. I think one of Lescroart's best tricks is how he keeps you guessing the whole way through--did the guy do it? or didn't he? and that things are never black and white, with either the criminals or the lawyers! I also like the personal relationships among all the players. Fair warning, however--you probably won't understand the significance of some of the events unless you first read #9 in the series. But it's such a great series--read 'em all!

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