Friday, February 21, 2014

What we're reading: Cat Sense

This fascinating book, by the author of Dog Sense, anthrozoologist John Bradshaw, explains in easy language essentially everything science currently knows about cats: their anatomy, physiology (hearing, vision, digestion, movements), and their psychology--their emotional lives, how they hunt and play, and how they relate to humans and other cats. I grew up with cats--couldn't even tell you how many I've known--and this book has clarified a lot of things about which I was always curious.

As a worthy companion read, I recommend Temple Grandin's Animals in Translation, in which the autistic author uses neuroscience to compare a variety of perceptual and thought processes in neurotypical (that is, "normal" non-autistic) people, autistic people, and animals, particularly dogs, cats, horses, cows and pigs. As one reviewer says, there's a "wow" on practically every page.

Reviewed by Misha S., cataloger librarian

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