Monday, March 10, 2014

What We're Reading: Architecture

Never Built Los Angeles, by Greg Goldin and Sam Lubell, is one of those fun and informative books that you can either read in-depth or skim through and let your eye wander until it catches something of interest.

More than 100 dreams, concepts, and ideas from Los Angeles's past 100 years of architectural possibilities are presented, with a few pages of text covering each proposed project and its fate, coupled with a wonderful array of illustrations showing the plans, drawings and sketches from those who envision what could be.

Five main sections cover "Master Plans," "Buildings," "Follies and Amusements," "Parks and Plazas," and "Transit Plans," so almost any type of building project is included in this book. It's fascinating to see what could have been, would have been, and perhaps should have been! 

Burbank readers will be interested to look at page 73, with a mention of a 1919-1925 plan for the University of California, Burbank (yes, you read that right, UC Burbank!), as well as page 264, which details the Walt Disney Company's 1952 plans for Disneyland, Burbank.

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