Tuesday, April 01, 2014

It's April!

A few ways you can celebrate...

POEM A DAY: Give them your email address and Poets.org will send you a poem every single day. What a cool way to get acquainted with poets from all periods, all styles, talking about everything under the sun! I did this three years ago, and I LOVE my daily poem.

POEM IN YOUR POCKET: You pick out a favorite poem, make a copy of it, and on April 24, you carry it around in your pocket all day, and pull it out to read and share with others.

Watch a poetry movie! The Basketball Diaries, Before Night Falls, Bright Star, Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, Pinero, Sylvia, Tom & Viv, Total Eclipse...check our audiovisual section!

Start a commonplace book! Copy your favorite poems and quotations into a notebook to form your own personal anthology.

Read a book of poetry! From Maya Angelou to Louis Zukofsky, you can find something you will like at the library!

Write a poem yourself! (Feel intimidated? Refrigerator magnets are a fun way to start!)

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