Friday, April 04, 2014

What We're Listening to: Old Time Radio Shows.

Growing up, I have fond memories of summer family trips and listening to "old time radio" shows (my father's one traveling entertainment indulgence).  So it isn't too surprising that this British radio production originally broadcast in 1955 caught my eye and ear.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a great piece of fun.  It has Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, mystery and adventure all served up in 16 30-minute shows, and stars two great British actors--Sir John Gielgud as Sherlock Holmes, and Sir Ralph Richardson as Dr. John Watson. Plus, when you get to the next-to-last program, The Final Problem, you get Orson Welles as Professor Moriarty [talk about radio stunt casting!].
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes will appeal to fans of mysteries, classic radio shows, and great actors, and is perfect car listening for those of us with short daily commutes who don't care to commit to 16 hours for an unabridged audio novel.
The game is afoot, dear listener!

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