Thursday, June 05, 2014

What we're reading: Catching up with Longmire

I am a fan of Craig Johnson's, and always look forward to the next in the series of Longmire mysteries. This past weekend I snagged his latest, Any Other Name, from the new books shelf, and settled in to enjoy reconnecting with Sheriff Walt, Vic (recuperated and feisty), Henry (the Cheyenne Nation) Standing Bear, and yes, even Lucian Conally (still bossy, still unpredictable), out there in the wilds of Wyoming.

Lucian figures large in the first part of this story, as it is his impetus that persuades Walt to visit an adjacent county to investigate a suspicious suicide of a fellow lawman and former friend of Lucian's. As Walt digs into Gerald Holman's life, he comes across some old cases that lead him in an unexpected direction towards a dark secret that people are willing to kill to protect.

This was a good one. I didn't think it was going to be, starting out, but it picked up speed and was full throttle by the end. Walt's poor daughter, Cady, becomes a part of the book's momentum, when her imminent delivery of Walt's first grandchild (down in Philadelphia) is up against Walt's inability to let anything go--ever. Sheriff Longmire typically puts off his flight to Philly to do just one more thing to solve the case he's on, the case which has morphed from investigating the suicide to tracking down a group of missing women to discovering someone (else) has it in for him in a big way. Since Johnson doesn't always write happy endings wrapped up with a bow, the tension is always legitimate and high.

Now I'm looking forward to catching up with the television show by the same name, which just resumed this past Monday night at 10:00 on A&E. Don't you love it when they do a good job of translating books into visual media? Check them out!

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