Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Brown Bag Book Club is now reading...

The Brown Bag Book Club has selected Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, as their August book. This is timely, in that this award-winning bestseller will be a major motion picture, due to be released on December 25.

A second book by the author of Seabiscuit (2001) would get noticed, even if it weren't the enthralling and often grim story of Louie Zamperini. An Olympic runner during the 1930s, he flew B-24s during WWII. Taken prisoner by the Japanese, he endured a captivity harsh even by Japanese standards and was a physical and mental wreck at the end of the war. He was saved by the influence of Billy Graham, who inspired him to turn his life around, and afterward devoted himself to evangelical speeches and founding boys' camps. Still alive at 93, Zamperini now works with those Japanese individuals and groups who accept responsibility for Japanese mistreatment of POWs and wish to see Japan and the United States reconciled. He submitted to 75 interviews with the author as well as contributing a large mass of personal records. Fortunately, the author's skills are as polished as ever and, like its predecessor, this book has an impossible-to-put-down quality that one commonly associates with good thrillers.
--Green, Roland Copyright 2010 Booklist. Copyright © American Library Association.

As alway, the Brown Bag Book Club meets on the third Tuesday of the month--August 19th--at the Central Library, at 12 noon. Given the upcoming movie and the recent death of Louie Zamperini, a lively and interesting discussion should ensue. Plus, the library is air conditioned, which in August will make the Brown Bag Book Club the coolest place to be!

Burbank Public Library also owns Unbroken in audio CD and eBook formats.

In putting this post together, I found an article that gives quite the insight into the author. You can also visit her on her Facebook page.

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