Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Brown Bag Book Club

For its September meeting, the Brown Bag Book Club has selected The Silent Wife, by A.S.A. Harrison.

This book has been compared to Gone Girl, in that it's a dark, psychological thriller about a broken marriage, in a story told by warring spouses in alternating chapters:

Todd Gilbert and Jodie Brett are in a bad place in their relationship. They've been together for twenty-eight years, and with no children to worry about there has been little to disrupt their affluent Chicago lifestyle. But there has also been little to hold it together, and beneath the surface lie ever-widening cracks. When it becomes clear that their precarious world could disintegrate at any moment, Jodie knows she stands to lose everything. It's only now she will discover just how much she's truly capable of.
As always, everyone is welcome to join the Brown Bag Book Club at their next meeting on Tuesday, September 16th at 12 noon at the Burbank Central Library. Bringing your lunch is good, bringing bad memories of relationships gone wrong, maybe not. Probably best to discard those ahead of time!

Here is a link to a good article about The Silent Wife.

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