Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Best of 2014: Multiple Choice

Some of the many items [old and new] enjoyed by Burbank Public Library staff during 2014, recommended for your consideration:

An avid reader who couldn't choose just one! Here are Daryl's faves for 2014:


The Martian, by Andy Weir
First-time author Andy Weir takes the classic survival novel off-planet, pitting his very likeable astronaut, Mark Watney, against the red planet Mars. Will Watney be able to survive long enough on his limited resources to be rescued—when the soonest possible attempt is years away? As enjoyable as it is suspenseful, The Martian is a must-read!

The Severed Streets, by Paul Cornell
In the follow-up to last year’s London Falling, Cornell continues the story of a team of London police detectives now able to see the paranormal underpinnings of their city. While they are still learning to adjust and adapt to this power, a series of murders that strongly resemble the work of Jack the Ripper will push the team to their limits. Severed Streets is intriguing, horrifying and almost completely believable. You’ll think that some of the things in Severed Streets could happen (and be glad that they don’t!). 

Brutal Youth. by Anthony Breznican
In his debut novel, author Anthony Breznican takes an unflinching look at the hell that can be high school and the attempts of three students to survive their freshman year. Brutal Youth is harrowing, gripping and insightful. 

Endsinger, by Jay Kristoff
This final volume of The Lotus War series follows Yukiko and Buruu into the battle that will decide the fates of the Shima Imperium and the Lotus Guild. Trust will be betrayed. Secrets will be revealed. Friends will be unmasked as enemies, just as enemies may turn out to be the greatest allies for which one could hope. And the ultimate futility of war will be brilliantly illustrated. A satisfying conclusion to a marvelous series! 


Dorothy Must Die, by Danielle Paige
A journey over the rainbow to an Oz we only think we know. Dorothy Gale, the first girl who went to Oz, is now ruling Oz and perverting the land, its magic, and its inhabitants into a strange and twisted version of its former glory. The only way for Oz to be restored is if Dorothy is destroyed (just as she destroyed the Wicked Witch of the West). Paige’s reimagining of the Land of Oz is funny, mesmerizing and disturbing. This is the first book in a wonderful new series. 

Ruin and Rising, by Leigh Bardugo
The final book of the Grisha trilogy follows Alina Starkov, the Sun Summoner, on her search for the third amplifier, which will give her the power to overthrow the Darkling. What Alina doesn’t know is what finding—and using—the third amplifier will cost her. Every time you think you know where author Leigh Bardugo is going, she deftly defies convention and expectations. This was as good, if not better, than the other books in the series. 

Cress, by Marissa Meyer
In the third book of The Lunar Chronicles series, the character of Rapunzel is added to the growing group of fairy tale-based heroes introduced in Cinder and Scarlet. While The Lunar Chronicles is being published as a YA series, it is really a 21st-century version of the grand space operas of classic science fiction, and a marvelous read for anyone who enjoys this sub-genre! 

(You can click on the link to each book to find out where you can find a copy at Burbank Public Library.)

Chosen by Daryl M., reference librarian

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