Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Best of 2014: Nonfiction

One of the many items [old and new] enjoyed by Burbank Public Library staff during 2014, recommended for your consideration:

Savage Harvest, by Carl Hoffman

In 1961, Michael Rockefeller, the son of New York governor Nelson Rockefeller, disappeared in New Guinea while collecting tribal wood carvings. A massive search turned up nothing.

Fifty years later, Carl Hoffman, a professional traveler in remote areas, decided to make one more attempt at solving the mystery. In New Guinea, he found people who remembered the search, but he kept running into barriers until he realized that if he wanted to find out people’s secrets, he had to spend the time to get to know them.

I became interested in Michael Rockefeller in the late '80s when I got an album by Guadalcanal Diary that has a song on it called "Michael Rockefeller." This might appeal to readers interested in the Rockefeller case, hunter/gatherer societies, or travelling in remote areas.

You can find this book in the nonfiction section at 995.1 HOFFM, and the library owns copies at all three branches.

Chosen by Jim C., Reference Librarian

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