Monday, January 12, 2015

Best of 2014 - Documentary DVD.

One of the many items [old and new] enjoyed by Burbank Public Library staff during 2014, recommended for your consideration:

Sometimes, a friend's recommendation about a film plants a seed that grows into a desire to seek out the title, and when you do finally watch the DVD, you say, Wow! that was absolutely fascinating! So it was for me with What Plants Talk About.  My friend Robert mentioned a few documentaries that he'd recently watched, and since he is a smart guy and very picky about what he gives full approval, I weeded out my viewing options and picked it up.

What Plants Talk About covers a lot of ground about various plants and the variety of ways in which they talk to and communicate with each other, as well as to allies in the interests of their survival.  Below-ground root systems battle other plant types for nutrients, recognize and share food with similar species (for instance, Douglas Firs send sustenance to young seedlings). Other plants use input from predators to change their chemistry (becoming less tasty), and behavior (changing patterns when they bloom) in their battles against insects.

If you want a perennially entertaining and educational title to vary your fare from TV series and movies, plant yourself in front of What Plants Talk About.  I hope that this review bears fruit with you, and that you'll want to propagate the circulation of this DVD!

Chosen by David P., Technical Services Supervisor

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