Friday, January 02, 2015

Best of 2014: Literary fiction

One of the many items [old and new] enjoyed by Burbank Public Library staff during 2014, recommended for your consideration:

The Goldfinch
by Donna Tartt

I totally disagree with the snootier critics (including my sister!) who gave this Dickensian adventure a thumbs down. It’s the kind of shaggy dog story I love to lose myself in, and even though the main character is extremely flawed, I cared about his plight throughout and rejoiced at his triumph over his dark side in the end. I liked the writing, I liked the tall-tale telling. Haven’t had such a good time since Anne Rice’s earlier efforts. I can imagine more sophisticated YA readers enjoying this book as well.

Chosen by David W., circulation clerk

Editor's note: I agree with David, on all counts! If you want a synopsis of the book, take a look at a previous review.

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