Wednesday, April 01, 2015

April is...

Here's a listing of poetry events in California during April. Check some out!

If you are a teen in grades 6-12, we have two activities for you: Blackout Poetry Party tomorrow, and our Pantoum Writing Workshop on April 29!

Come to the library to find a good book of poetry! We own about 800 volumes of poetry, and displays are up! And don't forget novels in verse, which seem to be primarily the specialty of children's and YA writers, but which make compelling reads for adults too! Check out the books of Ellen Hopkins, Sonya Sones, our friend Ron Koertge, or one of my favorites, Sharp Teeth, by Toby Barlow. If you do a catalog search for "novels in verse," you will find more than 100!

Poem in Your Pocket Day! On April 30, pick out a poem you like (perhaps one of the selection featured on their pdf, or something you discovered for yourself), and carry it with you all day in your pocket so you can share it with others.
Want to know more about poetry, or experience authors with whom you are unfamiliar? Sign up with the Academy of American Poets ( for Poem-A-Day and get a poem in your email every day during the month of April! If you want more, there are several other organizations who do this, including the Poetry FoundationEvery Day Poems, and the publisher Knopf/Doubleday.


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