Friday, May 15, 2015

Book Sale Results!

Friends of the Library book sale organizer Doris Crutcher reports that the Spring Used Book Sale garnered $10,223.54 for the library! Many, many fiction and nonfiction hardcover, trade and mass market paperbacks were sold during the week-long event (with the record being set on Tuesday, for $3,300.00). The funds raised will help support all Burbank Public Library programming, such as teen book clubs, Pirate book parties, movie licensing, and more!

Library staff extend their thanks to the Friends volunteers, without whose fundraising efforts there would be no programs at the library. Forty-two volunteers worked at the sale, many of them staffing several shifts. Special thanks from the Friends to Bill and Jean Choate, who drove in from Big Bear, and who worked so hard! Also to Mr. Brody and daughter Eve, who staffed the sale three nights plus Saturday.

The Friends are grateful to the National Charity League, which sent 11 mothers and daughters to work at the sale. They are also grateful to the 12 Mormon Elders (who are actually young men and women between ages 18-26) who helped set up the sale, and to the 12 who cleaned it up afterwards. Their willing and able assistance to move all the books in and out of the room smooths the way for everything else. The Friends are also appreciative for help given by the Central Library's pages. Finally, the Friends thank all the teen volunteers who helped during the sale by carrying customers' books to their cars and pitching in to lift boxes and tidy tables under the Friends' direction.

Last but not least, from both the Friends and the Library, thank you to YOU, the patrons of the library and other community members who became customers at the sale, and helped the Friends raise more funds than at last year's Spring Book Sale. We also thank you for donating many of the books that are sold.

The next big book sale will be held in late October--watch the library calendar for exact dates. In the meantime, you can always buy a book or five from the Friends Bookstore in the lobby of the Buena Vista branch!

If you would like to join the Friends, go to the library website to their membership page.

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