Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Brown Bag Book Club is reading...

At its June meeting, the Brown Bag Book Club will discuss A Pleasure and A Calling, by Phil Hogan. The club will meet on June 16th (the 3rd Tuesday of June), at noon at the Central Library.

*Starred Review* The premise is innocuous enough; William Heming is a real-estate agent who helps people buy and sell their homes in a small English town. But Heming keeps the keys to every property he has ever listed and snoops on all the occupants, and he is no ordinary Peeping Tom; he lies in wait for the residence to be unoccupied, and then moves in, however briefly, to enjoy the private space and smells, perusing mail, computers, refrigerators, and more. As he puts it, Among strangers' belongings is where I am most at home. In Hogan's hands, even that is acceptable. Slowly Heming's life unfurls in flashbacks, from early nightmarish childhood through sinister adulthood, and Hogan ups the creepiness a notch with each passing page in this totally engrossing story. When Heming takes it upon himself to serve justice, to right what he perceives as wrongs, we can't help but root for our hero until we discover he may be taking justice a bit too far, which really ratchets up the suspense. Yet somehow we keep hoping he will make his escape, while also hoping he will get caught, and that dichotomy proves simply delicious and addicting. William Heming joins the ranks of unforgettable, unreliable narrators in this gloriously creepy novel of psychological suspense.--Alesi, Stacy Copyright 2014 Booklist

Bringing a lunch (in a brown bag or not) is always a great idea when you join the Brown Bag Book Club! Sounds like a visit to the locksmith may also be in order!

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This sounds creepy good!