Saturday, May 09, 2015

What We're Reading: Historical thriller

Steve Berry is back with a new and timely historical thriller featuring his series hero, Cotton Malone. The Patriot Threat has all of the usual trappings of the genre:
  • take an historical event [this time it's speculation that the 16th Amendment that allows Congress the ability to tax personal income was fraudulently passed]
  • Add in horrendous consequences if the hidden documentation proving the fraud is found and revealed. Can you imagine the U.S. Government repaying (with penalties) all tax money generated since 1913? Bankruptcy, loan defaults and a whole lot of economic instability!
  • mix in your dashing hero [Cotton Malone and his colleagues]
  • exotic locations [Washington D.C. and Croatia]
  • bad guys threatening the world [hello North Korea and a disgruntled brother of ruling family] who would love to use the downfall to cripple the United States, inflict major harm on China and assume control of North Korea
  • Mix in action, twists and turns, and...I had the perfect thematic read to while away a few hours as the April 15th tax filing deadline came and passed!

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