Friday, July 03, 2015

What we're reading: Killer Thriller

I was searching the new mystery shelves for a book for someone else, and for some reason this book caught my eye. I needed reading for the weekend, so I decided to try out an unfamiliar author.

I'm assuming the title, Among Thieves, is meant to be an abbreviation of the old saying "no honor among thieves," because ain't that the truth! No one in this book is "innocent." The so-called good guys are a bunch of ex-cons--but the truly bad guys are so much worse than the somewhat bad guys that you root for the ex-cons anyway.

At the heart of the story is Olivia Sanchez, who works at a Wall Street trading company until one day when she gets her nose too far into somebody's borderline trading practices, and he goes berserk on her--first physically attacking her, and then getting her fired and blackballed so she can't get another job. When the police won't help, she turns to her Uncle Manny--he's out of prison now, and he's a tough guy with a lot of friends--to see what can be done. But when Manny turns to his mentor, Beck, to set things in motion, Beck inadvertently starts a war over money and turf the likes of which they never expected.

This plot was positively Machiavellian in its intricacy! It was a smart, gritty story with nonstop action and great characters. The only thing that would keep me from giving it a perfect rating is that I felt the author paused too much to give us laborious, too-painstaking descriptions of physical appearances (oh, the clothing!), stock trades, injuries, and the like, and it slowed down or even stalled the action here and there. But the personalities were riveting, and the suspense was killer.

I look forward to reading more from John Clarkson!

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