Wednesday, July 01, 2015

What We're Reading: A Romantic Comedy For Everyone

In this heartwarming romantic comedy, genetics professor Don Tillman, thirty-nine and still single, sets off on a quest to find a wife. Don has long ruled out the possibility of finding a mate through the usual means, owing to his lack of social skills and the fact that he finds fault with every woman his friend and fellow professor Gene introduces him to. But Don finds a solution to both problems by creating a detailed questionnaire, designed to eliminate all smokers, vegetarians, the chronically late and untidy ones, and a number of other undesirable characteristics. So Don is surprised that after a long period of no hits, he finds Rosie in his office – the smoking vegetarian barmaid who seems the complete opposite of what Don is looking for. Immediately ruling her out as a potential mate, Don is nevertheless interested in helping her find her biological father, and an unlikely friendship forms.

The Rosie Project is the summer read you have been waiting for – it is funny, romantic, smart, and entertaining. It is a page-turner with two supremely lovable characters for whom you’ll be rooting from start to finish. This is not your traditional sappy romance  it is hilarious, often touching, and rather insightful, and it will definitely appeal to a broader range of readers. It’s a perfect book to take to the beach with you, but get ready to laugh out loud a lot.

For those wanting more of Don and Rosie's antics, there is a sequel called The Rosie Effect. Also, we can expect a movie sometime in the future.

Editor's note: Burbank Public Library also has both of these books as sound recordings (audio books), if you prefer to listen.

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