Friday, September 25, 2015

Adult Book Club Meetings

The Genre X Book Club meets next on Thursday, October 15, at 7:00 p.m. at the Central Library, to discuss Blankets, by Craig Thompson.

Wrapped in the landscape of a blustery Wisconsin winter, Blankets explores the sibling rivalry of two brothers growing up in the isolated country, and the budding romance of two coming-of-age lovers. A tale of security and discovery, of playfulness and tragedy, of a fall from grace and the origins of faith.

The Brown Bag Book Club meets next on Tuesday, October 20, at noon at the Central Library. The club will discuss The Uncommon Reader, by Alan Bennett.
When the Queen in pursuit of her wandering corgis stumbles upon a mobile library she feels duty bound to borrow a book. Aided by Norman, a young man from the palace kitchen who frequents the library, Bennett describes the Queen's transformation as she discovers the liberating pleasures of the written word.

The Scene of the Crime Mystery Book Club also meets on October 20, at 7:00 p.m. in the story time room at Buena Vista Branch. This club will discuss Night Night, Sleep Tight by Hallie Ephron.

Los Angeles, 1985. When Deirdre Unger makes the drive from San Diego to Beverly Hills to help her father put his dilapidated house on the market, she's expecting to deal with his usual kvetching and dark moods. But she gets a lot more than she expected: In a cruel Sunset Boulevard twist, Deirdre arrives home to find her father facedown in his too-small swimming pool—dead. At first, Deirdre assumes her father's death was a tragic accident. But the longer she stays in town, the more Deirdre begins to suspect that everything isn't as open-and-shut as she first presumed...

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