Friday, October 02, 2015

What we're reading: Alex Grecian

Alex Grecian's latest historical novel (#4) set in Victorian England and featuring the Murder Squad from Scotland Yard is a great two-directional story, with Saucy Jack (Jack the Ripper, still at large at the end of the last book) making mischief in the wings while the Harvest Man is the current major preoccupation of the police.

The Harvest Man is a pretty horrifying guy. He apparently has childhood issues, because he is fixated on finding his parents. Did they desert him? Did they die? He doesn't seem clear about that--only that they're gone. The problem is, now he's a middle-aged man (although we're not sure he realizes that), and he has no idea where to look for them, so he keeps picking out couples and trying to turn them into his parents, by gruesome means I won't describe here! (This series is not for the fainthearted.)

Nevil Hammersmith is still around, trying to carry on with the hunt for Jack the Ripper even though he's off the force and no longer has the backing or cooperation of the Murder Squad. He still hasn't noticed (the great looby) that Fiona Kingsley has feelings for him.

Walter Day, a bit the worse for wear from his previous encounter with Jack the Ripper, now the proud but anxious parent of twins, and not too happy about hosting his hostile inlaws for the foreseeable future, is thinking like a detective (psychologically speaking), but is hindered by his injuries and physical weakness.

Dr. Kingsley is expanding his practices (with the aid of some dubious officers) to preserve the integrity of "his" crime scenes so he can collect the new and controversial "forensic" evidence that may be the turning point of the case.

I liked this one a lot--I think even better than the last--but I have to say: Talk about your dangling CLIFFHANGER of an ending! I'm not going to spoil anything here, but prepare yourself to wait impatiently for the next in the series!

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