Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What We're Reading: For Book Lovers

[Cover] Jean Perdu is a bookseller working for Literary Apothecary, a little bookshop on a barge docked in the Seine. He seems to always know what book a person needs, but he himself is harboring a deep pain that no book can cure. Then, his life is turned upside down when a woman whose husband left her moves into his building, and a series of events leads him to read a letter he hid away unread 20 years earlier. The contents of the letter cause him to leave his old life, and take his Apothecary on a journey to the South of France that will help him come to terms with his loss and forge a new life for himself.

The Little Paris Bookshop is a must-read for any bibliophile and Francophile, especially if one has strong feelings for the south of France, for although the book has Paris in its name, most of the book takes place in various villages in the south, like Sanary sur Mer and Toulon. This is a beautifully written and emotionally charged story that can nevertheless be quite witty and funny at times, and unrestrained in its language. It is refreshing and novel to see a book that, perhaps due to its French origin, shows a wonderful emotional honesty from a man's point of view. There are many difficult emotions in this book and it is quite philosophical and thought-provoking, while still being a page-turner that many readers can enjoy.

Sanary sur Mer 


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